Purchase Performing Arts Center

ALTARED SPACE installation
Performing Arts Center, Purchase, NY
Oct 6-28, 2001This expanded version of ALTARED
SPACE was redesigned to better suit
visually the very large main lobby of the
Performing Arts Center on the SUNY
campus in Purchase, New York and
also to accomodate the significantly
larger crowds. In this incarnation the
work was made of a self-supporting
steel structure enclosed by various
translucent fabrics (outer dimensions
12’0″H x 24’O”W x 27’0″D. The
sculptural elements inside the piece
were also increased in size.In Roberta Hershenson’s New York
Times column “Footlights” (Oct. 21,
2001) she called the piece a “place of
contemplation” and quoted Christopher
Beach, director of the Performing Arts
Center as saying “ALTARED SPACE is
architectural and airy, soft and
mysterious, a perfect foil tot he
massive, solid, dark and imposing
center.” As a very positive follow up to
the successful installation of ALTARED
SPACE, Swann has been
commissioned to install two large scale
permanent pieces in the upstairs lobby
(see WALL OF ELUSION model on this
site), in conjunction with the $3 million
dollar lobby renovation. Both the
renovation and the installations are
scheduled for completion in Sept. 2002
to coincide with the 25th anniversary
season celebration.